30 years of Word Worth Books — Guest post by David Worsley

Nice post, Dave! Congrats to you and Mandy (and Chuck and Tricia before you) on 30 years!

House of Anansi Press


Tricia Siemens and Chuck Erion opened Words Worth Books in 1984 in uptown Waterloo, when Kitchener-Waterloo was a manufacturing power, and the area was growing quickly.  Both Chuck and Tricia brought a wealth of complimentary talents to the job.  Tricia had an accounting background, and Chuck was a whiz with computer networks who could fix or build most anything.  Both of them were also voracious and eclectic readers.

The store thrived until the Chapters rollout of the mid-90s when we took a serious hit.  Staff hours were cut, inventory shrunk, as people flocked to the new discount-kid on the block.  There were weeks when we had fewer than a dozen special orders; there were days when we had fewer than a dozen customers.  Through that time we wondered if we could make it, but put our nose down and learned to be smart and lean with our inventory.  Where…

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