TEDxWaterloo 2011

Yesterday I attended my second TEDxWaterloo. Last year I blogged about the first one and how much I enjoyed it. I attended with my friend Jennifer and fully expected I would do the same again this year. But she jumped in with both feet and became one of the lead organizers, so my contact with her during the day consisted of quick hellos in the hallway, except for a few minutes of chat at the supper break. I am so thrilled at what she and the rest of the team put together for us yesterday. It was an inspiring day. What I like about TED is that I go in with a set of expectations with respect to who I want to hear and who I’m not so interested in. By the end of the day those have all been shattered. Yesterday’s blow-me-away talk came from Vicki Keith, marathon swimmer. Her talk about coaching a young athlete with a disability to swim across Lake Erie was just fantastic. Roberta Bondar was another who just rocked my world for fifteen minutes. Jean-Francois Carrey, mountain climber was funny and smart and told a great story, and young sailor Abby Sunderland totally impressed me.

There was great coverage of the event this year and so instead of recapping I will link to someone else who has done a stellar job. Please click here for summary and pictures of the day. A huge thanks to the organizers for all your hard work.


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