I had an hour to kill last night between dropping Kathleen off for her concert and going back to sit in the audience, so I headed next door to the mall. Oooh, look, an LCBO, I thought. I haven’t had a nice bottle of wine in a while. So in I went, and the first person I saw was a woman offering samples of wine.
Woman: Would you like to try some wine?
Me: Sure, where’s it from?
Woman: Africa
[Intrigued, I bend my head to look.]
Me: Oh, South Africa. Sure, I’ll try the Sauvignon Blanc. I’ve really been enjoying the New Zealand ones lately from the Marlborough region.
[Blank stare}
Woman (to woman behind me): Would you like to try some wine?
Woman 2: Sure, where’s it from?
Woman: Africa!
[Women2 peers at bottle]
Woman2: Oh South Africa. Sure I’ll try the Sauvignon Blanc.
Woman: OMG I LOVE your pendant.
Woman2:OMG I KNOW. I saw it at the mall last night and I just COULDN’T leave it on the shelf.
[I drift away obviously unneeded and buy my bottle of Kim Crawford wine]

Ok, so for the next part you need to understand how much I love eggnogg. It’s the only thing I welcome about early Christmas marketing. We go through buckets of it at our place. So I was in the line waiting to pay for my wine and I spot a display of eggnog liqueur, kind of like a Bailey’s.

Me: Impulse buy — is this good?
Clerk: I don’t know. I hate eggnog. I’ve only tried it once but I thought it was disgusting.


2 responses to “LCBO Fail

  1. sounds like some of the LCBO staff members need to know a bit more about the products they are selling…

  2. No he was bang on. Most of the booze is absolutely revolting at LCBO. I have tried all of their eggnog brands up to 2010 and they all taste like chemicals or like a totally different drink.

    Do yourself a favor and ALWAYS mix your own drinks when you can. ALWAYS!

    Take some eggnog and mix in rum until you say yum 😛 Add a sprinkle of cinnamon to the top and you are set. Saved some money, tastes good and it helps get lcbo away from selling pre mixed drinks. They are terrible. Simply the worst drinks I have ever tasted, have been LCBO pre-mixed drinks.

    They are also nazi when it comes to ID checks. Their policy is to ID people that look of age. That is prejudice ageism. I am 26 and look at youngest, 22 and yet people that look 19 do not get ID’ed cause they are tall but look 20… I look closer to 30 if anything and I get ID’ed. I would show some id but they don’t accept anything but a drivers license which I do not have or the age of majority card which is a money scam by LCBO because nobody excepts that card ANYWHERE but LCBO because it is the most counterfeit card in Canada. They need a new policy that stops the discrimination and simply ID everyone, young or old. They should except all forms of federal ID and for those that are young and without a license to drive, they can use a student card with a photo and birth certificate. I used to use that and now they say I can’t because the student i.d. is expired… so I was of age then 8 years ago!! but now I have gone back in time and so should be treated like a criminal again and again. Fuck you LCBO… I wont be bullied in to paying you for a card that is the most fraudulent card of Canada and nobody excepts it. It can not even be used at a bar….

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