Holy Neglected Blog, Batman

I just got a request to approve a comment from a very old post, which makes me weep with joy that people are somehow still reading what I write even though I neglect them for months (thanks, Susan). I started the blog so that I could talk about publishing without wearing my work hat, but lately I’ve spent most of my time on Twitter, doing basically that in much fewer words.

Twitter has been fun. My “tweeps” have seen me through tragedies, such as the earthquake in Haiti and the election of Rob Ford (tasteless association, I know), and through hilarious and silly days in which we mock each other just to break the tedium. I’m looking at you @kingvonelk, @biancaspence, and @stevenwbeattie. I also met someone who loves Bruce Springsteen as much as I do. Kindred spirits are always welcome discoveries.

I’ve also met some people in real life that I first met on Twitter and have started to attend some local social media face-to-face events to keep those connections going. I look forward to more of that down the road.

Most recently I’ve been using Twitter to follow the municipal elections, both in my home community of Kitchener-Waterloo, and in Toronto. Because I’ve been so caught up in a process that fellow twitterers are passionate about, I am always surprised at how many people I meet in real life just don’t care, or don’t think through the implications of their vote (hence a Rob Ford result). Kitchener voted 65% in favour of entering talks about a possible merger of the two cities. Waterloo people voted 65% against. Hence there will be no talks. Really, people? We can never talk about it? How ridiculous is that? I do think that people from outside underestimate how different the two cities really are, but what Waterloo could lose merely by entering into discussion is beyond me.

So that’s it for now. I promise to write more often, I swear.


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