Fun in the Big City

Had a blast last night at a launch for one of our books. That hardly ever happens, because even though our authors are a fun bunch, the books we publish are mostly scholarly and launches consist of fellow faculty members, coffee and cookies from the dining hall and a couple of pretty dry readings (an exaggeration, of course).

Once in a while, though, we publish what is known, only in the business and to nobody else, as a trade book. This is a book that sells at a normal retail price, not one inflated to cover our minuscule print run and inadequate funding. Blazing Figures: A Life of Robert Markle (J.A. Wainwright) is a hardcover, full-colour book on shiny paper that sells for a measly $38.00. We had a party to celebrate its birth at Ben McNally Books in Toronto last night and according to McNally staff, the attendees were a real “who’s who.” We sold lots of books and I met and chatted with very interesting people. The author is happy, Robert Markle’s widow, Marlene, is happy, and ultimately, that means we are happy. Pics here.


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