I Am a Bad Person

I have a confession to make. When the false (whew!) report of Gordon Lightfoot’s death first hit Twitter yesterday I immediately had a sharp moment of personal grief, having long been a fan. Seeing him at Massey Hall recently has rekindled my fondness for him and his music. But, and here’s the confession, my personal pang was immediately followed by a professional, “DAMN!” For, you see, we have a book coming out next month on the life of Robert Markle, controversial Mohawk painter whose art was deemed obscene in the 1960s. Markle was a great friend of Lightfoot’s and Gord was interviewed for the book. I personally slipped his invitation to the launch in the mailbox the other day. Now, I don’t know if he’s coming, but until he says not there is the possibility that he may. And that would rock my world in a major way. Not to mention that we’ve emphasized the connection in our press material. It’s not often that our little press gets to play with the cool kids. So, yeah, I was a bad person for just a minute. But now he’s alive again and I can pretend like it never happened. Sssshhhh.


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