Reading on a Small Screen

I’ve just returned from holidays and spent some of the time playing with my daughter’s new iPod Touch, so that I could figure out the ease of reading a book, look at different reading applications, and think about how we could apply this to our e-book publishing. For one thing, the iPod is much smaller than the Kindle or the Sony Reader, and it is back lit so you can read in the dark but is harder on the eyes. But it’s so easy to use the touch screen that I found navigating my way around books a breeze. She has Stanza, the most popular reading application, plus she has some stand-alone books that she purchased as apps. She doesn’t like those, though, because every app has its own icon and they clutter up the screen.


After watching her navigate this little device I think that there are a lot of people out there fooling themselves that this is not the way of the future. She can turn it on, enter her password, and find the application she wants without even looking at it. She can switch back and forth between applications at lightening speed, and search something in a book before I’ve even finished reading the first page. Perhaps the tablet that Apple is said to be releasing soon will be handy, but I can’t see it replacing this little gadget that does everything and fits in my pocket.

This post originally appeared on my workplace blog.


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