I don’t know about the rest of you but the clutter in my brain surrounding e-books, e-book readers, textbooks, Kindle vs. iPhone vs other, etc. is getting to be too much! How on earth is anyone supposed to know what to do first? Or next?

Our books have all been converted to e-books (PDF) for years now and sold through Net Library and other library vendors. A bunch of books are now being converted to ePub for sale through Shortcovers. But so much more is needed. We just got a hefty grant through OMDC to move our digital publishing along, but there is so much infrastructure that has to change (on our website, in our office, etc) that it boggles my mind. Some days I want to wrest control from those who have it and get on with it, and other days I’m glad I’m not making the decisions.

Ah well, I’m off for a few days camping with no e-anything.


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