Don’t Count Out Traditional Media Yet

Something happened at work the other day that made me realize that for all the fuss about new media and online social networking, all of which I’m very fond, there is still something to be said for traditional publicity. In the spring we published a book of Canadian nature poetry. A lovely book. We had a few successful launches and sales have been good (keeping in mind we’re talking about poetry). This past weekend the book was reviewed very positively in The Globe and Mail and we and the editor were thrilled. That review will go a long way toward getting the book noticed. Then, yesterday, we got a call from a catalogue put out twice yearly by the independent booksellers. It’s a very strong marketing tool and publishers pay to get in it. We were being offered a spot because of the Saturday review (not free, but nonetheless a spot).

So things do affect other things in a good way and sometimes “new media” has nothing to do with it.


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